About Heather Trainor...

Heather Trainor has always been interested in Real Estate ever since she was at a young age. It started when she understood the hard work her mom and dad put into their family logging business back home in Northeast Wisconsin. They logged trees and distributed them to local lumber companies and her uncle's sawmill, which is where the trees would get cut into lumber for building real estate. Her mom and dad built their family home from the ground up with their very own hands! Their determination and dedication helped shape Heather into a hardworking, motivated individual she is today.

After college, she worked at an architectural and engineering firm where she learned another side of the real estate industry. The firm worked on renovating hospitals, stadiums, and other large real estate. She was an Administrative Assistant and enjoyed being the backbone of the firm where she excelled in her organizational, customer service and professional skills.

Later on Heather moved to Chicago, fell in love with it’s real estate, the people, the diverse cultures and her husband! They started a family, bought a foreclosed home with Chase Real Estate in Oak Lawn, fixed it up to fit their needs and wants, and best of all, they now have equity! She then decided to get her real estate license and help others find their homes to build their own memories in! And best of all she works with an amazing Team at Chase Real Estate that is ready to help you achieve your goal(s) every step of the way!

Overall, her background, real estate education and investment knowledge has shaped Heather into a professional, knowledgeable individual who is ready and eager to help accomplish anyone’s real estate endeavor; whether it’s a live-in home or an investment property!  Give her a call today!

- Heather Trainor
Chase Real Estate